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Under the 2024 Government ECO4 Boiler Replacement Scheme you may be eligible.

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Free Government ECO boiler grants

Welcome to New Boiler Grant. Our team has been focused on helping tens of thousands of vulnerable people and fuel poor properties across England, Scotland and Wales receive a new boiler grant since 2006.

We are experts in the UK Government’s Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme and today, are pleased to offer you a completely free new A-rated boiler and installation when qualifying under ECO4. See if you qualify now.

Launched in April 2022, ECO4 will run until March 2026. It offers £1BN of grant funding per year that does NOT have to be repaid. It therefore, represents a big opportunity for many people.

ECO4 takes a Whole-of-House approach to reduce energy bills and improve the energy efficiency of homes. This is important if the UK is going to reach our net zero carbon target by 2050. As such, many properties may be given free insulation as part of their free boiler installation.

Save money now with a free new boiler, save money every month on fuel usage, enjoy a warmer more insulated home and enjoy peace of mind knowing that you are in safe hands with New Boiler Grant.

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Grants available under ECO4 scheme

  • Mains Gas non-condensing - to gas condensing boilers
  • Electric, Coal, Oil, LPG heated properties - to Air Source Heat Pump
  • First Time Central Heating – to Mains Gas if there is a gas meter installed prior to 1 April 2022, and to ASHP in all other circumstances
  • Solar PV on Electric or Air Source Heat Pump heated properties only
  • Loft Insulation
  • Cavity Wall Insulation
  • Underfloor Insulation
  • Internal Wall Insulation
  • Room In Roof Insulation
  • Heating Controls and Smart Controls


Free boiler scheme 2024

The whole emphasis of the sub obligation HECRO is now about reducing all energy bills not just heating bills. There is also, a far greater emphasis on the use of renewable heat and energy sources such as Air Source Heat Pumps and Solar that can reduce energy bills to zero.

Note that the ECO3 HHCRO (Home Heating Cost Reduction Obligation) regarding qualifying benefits has now changed to ECO4 HECRO (Home Energy Cost Reduction Obligation).

Many companies do not know of HECRO or understand it and so, continue to talk about HHCRO. However, for peace of mind, New Boiler Grant is fully informed of the latest regulations and will ensure the right installation for your property and circumstances.

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Good news!

Welcome to New Boiler Grant and what Good News we have for you today. If you are searching for a free or grant funded new A-rated boiler then look no further.

At New Boiler Grant, our friendly UK team are entirely focused on ensuring you secure the right grant funded boiler. We’ve supported tens of thousands of people since the ECO grant started in 2013 and we are keen to support you today.

The governments’ new four-billion-pound ECO4 grant funding scheme was launched in April 2022 and it’s packed with lots of new ways in which you can receive a new grant funded boiler. For example, you can now qualify on Housing Benefit and also, receive different types of free insulation as well.

If you receive one of the qualifying benefits and had a non-condensing boiler installed before April 2005 then it is likely that you already qualify. Have a look here on this web site to see if you qualify.

Gas boiler grants are available across England, Scotland and Wales. If you are looking for a new grant boiler then there is simply no better place for you to apply than New Boiler Grant.

LA Flex Boiler Grant

How much can I save?

Non-condensing boilers are at best c.75% efficient whereas a new A-rated condensing boiler can be c.95% efficient. This represents c.20% savings in the fuel costs to run your boiler. See if you qualify now.

A new A-rated boiler installed can cost c.£2-5k. But with an ECO4 grant you can receive one for free.

How to get a free boiler with an ECO grant

Quick qualification checklist

  • Homeowner living in property requiring new boiler
  • In receipt of a qualifying HECRO benefit
  • Current Gas boiler is non-condensing (wall, floor standing or back boiler)
  • EPC Energy Rating of E/F/G or No EPC (sometimes D is suitable with a contribution)
  • I haven't previously claimed for a grant boiler

Can I mix ECO and BUS funding?

Boiler Replacement Scheme 2024

In most cases, YES.

This might be appropriate if you wish to proceed with a Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) voucher to change your gas boiler to Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) and still proceed with having multiple home insulation measures installed for free under ECO. Please discuss these with our local installer once you are qualified.

How "Free Boiler Grant" works ?

Government ECO Scheme

Jumping two SAP Bandings

The ECO4 Whole-of-House approach seeks to implement boiler and insultation measures in a property to jump it at least two SAP bandings (based on Energy Rating).

The New Boiler Grant team will check this for you so there is no need to worry.

If you want to check this yourself prior to application then you will need to look at the EPC of your property (if it has one) and check the Energy Rating is E/F/G (sometimes D is suitable with a contribution).

For properties in England and Wales click here and for Scotland, click here and search EPC.

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Free boiler If you do not receive any qualifying benefits then you might still qualify for an ECO4 LA Flex scheme from your Local Authority. To qualify under LA Flex your total household income should be below £31,000pa, or you must have some healh conditions that might be negatively affected by living in a poorly heated home. Eligibility is also restricted by potcode area.

The New Boiler Grant team are here to help.

We have over sixteen years experience of energy grants and will do everything we can to ensure you receive a free new boiler and insulation that meets with your expectations!

- All at no cost to you.

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