Which benefits qualify for a boiler grant?

In order to qualify for the UK government's boiler scheme, only those in receipt of certain benefits will fit the criteria to claim for a free boiler grant.

The applicant’s boiler must be at least 7 years old (non-condensing), or can be 5-7 years old with a fault affecting it’s operation and efficiency. The installer will determine the boiler’s sufficiency and decide if it’s worth a replacement.

The state of your property will also be taken into consideration. The older and the less energy efficient your property is, the larger amount of funding will be granted to you. However, those with a more efficient property may need to make a small contribution for the boiler replacement.

The applicant can be on either Gas, Oil, LPG, Electric Storage Heaters or Fossil Fuels (Coal and Wood) to qualify for a grant.

Please see the list below with combination of benefits. If you receive the correct benefits you will automatically qualify:

Automatic qualification for a replacement boiler
State Pension Guaranteed Credit
Income Related Employment and support Allowance
Income based Job Seekers Allowance
Income Support

Household Composition Tax Credit (annual) Universal Credit (monthly)
1 adult £13,200 £1,100
1 adult and 1 child £17,400 £1,450
1 adult and 2 children £21,600 £1,800
1 adult and 3 children £25,800 £2,150
1 adult and 4+ children £30,000 £2,500
2 adults £19,800 £1,650
2 adults and 1 child £24,000 £2,000
2 adults and 2 children £28,200 £2,350
2 adults and 3 children £32,400 £2,700
2 adults and 4+ children £36,600 £3,010
Income threshold to qualify for an ECO boiler grant (Tax Credit - income before tax / Universal Credit - take-home income after tax)

If you are unsure about whether you are eligible for a boiler grant, quickly complete our questionnaire on this website.