New Boiler Grant

Here at New Boiler Grant, we work closely with a large number of UK installers to address the surrounding issue of energy company obligations with households. We’ve helped thousands of people who do not have enough funds to obtain a free government grant.

Our service is completely free of charge. Once you have completed the information required below we will refer your enquiry to one of our authorised installers in your area.

The installers will first carry out a survey before they proceed with the installation. We will always monitor feedback to ensure each installer provides the best possible level of customer service for you.

Struggling to heat your home?

In the colder months there are millions of homeowners and private tenants who struggle to keep their homes heated.

On average, a boiler replacement could cost around £1000-£3000. This is a very costly figure for lower-income families to source.

The scheme helps those families to save on their energy bills and reduce their carbon footprints. The replacement process requires a brand-new A rate boiler replacing the old existing boiler.