Help-to-Buy New Boiler Deals

New boiler deals

If you are searching for really great new boiler deals and do not qualify for a grant boiler, then you are in the right place! For many people who need a new boiler, it is very difficult to pay money out up-front and start making monthly repayments without budgeting.

We offer an extremely attractive Help-to-Buy boiler scheme. The key elements of the scheme are that you pay £0 for a year and then at a very low rate paid for by the boiler savings. This takes the pressure off and allows you to relax and budget ahead.

After 12 months you can either pay the full amount off or repay within 10 years to suit you.



  • Pay £0 for a year
  • Pay £0 upfront, no deposit and no other costs
  • After a year, repay in full or at 4.9% APR within 10 years
  • Choice of Viessmann, Vaillant and Worcester Bosch boilers
  • Up to 91% efficient A-rated boiler
  • Express install within 24 - 48 Hours at no extra cost
  • 350 approved engineers nationwide
  • 15 years warranty for parts and labour
  • 24/7 aftercare and support - majority of requests resolved in 48hrs
  • Environmentally-friendly product built to ERP standards
  • Direct from the manufacturer
Gas boiler offers


A new A-Rated Boiler can save on average £30 per month (£360 per year) on gas or other fuels. Savings will vary depending on the size and thermal performance of your home. Please see the table below produced by the Energy Saving Trust as to what savings you may achieve:

Old Boiler Rating Detached house Semi-Detached house Detached bungalow Mid-Terrace house Mid-Floor flat
G £490 £305 £275 £250 £130
F £365 £230 £205 £185 £95
E £310 £190 £170 £155 £75
D £255 £160 £140 £130 £60


To save even more money with our combi boiler deals, you can have a SMART thermostat fitted that will boost your savings. The SMART thermostat will learn your heating habits, and can adjust automatically when to heat your home. This reduces heating costs further, and at the same time ensures that you are kept lovely and warm when you want to be.

Interest free Combi boiler deals

You might not have qualified for an ECO4 boiler grant or simply want a good deal - with Help-to-Buy you will get a new boiler quickly, not pay anything for a year and then finance at a very low rate paid out of the savings generated. All in all Help-to-Buy gives you peace of mind at a time when you may be without heating and hot water, and in need of options with gas boiler offers.

Let's get started!


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